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What is FTP?

What is FTP And Why Do I Need It?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. But what the heck is a file transfer protocol and why would my business need something with such technical words? Here’s the skinny on what it does. FTP is a way to communicate allowing you to move files to and from a server on the internet. You may ask: But why would I need it if I have email? Great question.

Email is a great collaboration tool. Many email users correspond and sending electronic files as attachments. Most users send small files over email without difficulty, but they may run into issues when trying to send larger attachments. This is because email, in general, was never designed to handle the overload of larger file transfers. Consequently, many business’ IT departments limit mail attachments to 20 MBs or less to decrease and manage the impact on their network and storage function. IT departments cannot forecast when email needs will be highest or predict when multiple individuals might choose to send large files. Too many people sending too many large files at the same time could lead to service outages. Hence, they have limitations in place to prevent these issues. Email servers cannot guarantee delivery or security either.

Whether you have an IT department or not, we have all been in this situation: composing the email, attaching the file, making sure the grammar and presentation are correct, pressing the Send button…and then waiting…and waiting. Only to end up getting an error message that the file was too large. Of course, there are workarounds. You can break the file apart and send it in separate emails. Or, if you have multiple files, you can attach them to separate emails. Then the recipient has to retrieve multiple emails and piece it all back together. Though, if the recipient has file size restrictions that are lower than yours, they may never receive the email. It can get stuck in cyberspace….floating around.

There is also the security issue of sending important, high profile, or sensitive emails. These have the potential risk of getting hacked or retrieved by questionable sources. It is for these reasons that many businesses choose to send their files via file transfer protocol (FTP).

Using FTP is a simple, affordable, and seamless process. It’s as easy as transferring your files from one file folder to another.
Instead of uploading files via email and running the risk of getting files stuck or hacked, businesses use the secure way of uploading them via FTP Worldwide.
The recipient can then grab files directly from FTP Worldwide—avoiding the security risk of having the files floating through cyberspace.

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FTP File Sync and Backup Solution

FTP Worldwide will soon introduce a file sync and backup service for Windows users.  This will be an ideal solutions for people who work at more than one location, use more than one computer, or need a simple, automatic remote backup of important files.

FTP Worldwide has been the trusted leader for secure, ftp hosting and file sharing services for over 8 years!

Stay tuned.