FTP File Sync and Backup Solution

FTP Worldwide will soon introduce a file sync and backup service for Windows users.  This will be an ideal solutions for people who work at more than one location, use more than one computer, or need a simple, automatic remote backup of important files.

FTP Worldwide has been the trusted leader for secure, ftp hosting and file sharing services for over 8 years!

Stay tuned.




Like many companies, yours may be complicated from the difficulty of sending files that are too large to send through email. An FTP service like FTP Worldwide can provide you with an affordable alternative to an in-house FTP server. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and was designed for moving large amounts of data efficiently over a network or the Internet. Not only are size and speed limitations addressed with FTP, with a secure connection, you can share confidential information with colleagues and customers throughout the world.

All the FTP plans offered by FTP Worldwide include a free web-based FTP client which eliminates the need for your users and/or customers to download and install additional software. FTP Worldwide offers unlimited transfers, a live support staff, tutorials and demos to help you get started and keep you going. Raid and Disk mirroring means superior server performance and availability while Intrusion Protection restricts unwanted intruders and hackers from being a risk. FTP Worldwide provides FTP hosting services for any size business with any number of users but leaves you in control. You assign passwords so that each user is protected and you can add or delete users according to whom you want to have access. You can add more security and determine which user has access to which files. You can customize your plan to suit your needs.

For more information about FTP services, please contact FTP Worldwide at 800-781-6862. We will customize a FTP plan to work for your business. If you need a FTP host that will provide you with quality service and superior customer service, contact FTP Worldwide Today!