Privacy Policy

FTP Privacy
The purpose of this privacy statement is to demonstrate FTP Worldwide’s firm commitment to privacy and to be PCI and HIPAA compliant. This statement clearly states our information gathering and dissemination practices.

Information we collect and where

Our sites use several different forms to collect pertinent information for providing our services to our customers. From these forms, we collect the following information:

  • Company names and address
  • Key contact names, phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • Unique identifiers like customer numbers
  • Financial information, account or credit card numbers
  • IP addresses

How secure is the information we collect?
FTP Worldwide makes every effort to follow all industry standard security measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All financial information is encrypted during transmission, and our company databases are accessible only to qualified and responsible internal employees.

What we do with this information

Contact Information: We use your contact information for setting up your account and to get in touch with you when necessary. We send you valuable feedback relating to the performance of your site as well as technical and billing information. This contact and account information is held in strict confidence by FTP Worldwide and will not be provided or sold to a third party.

Financial Information: We will ask you to enter your credit card number and provide account information for the purpose of debiting your account when you purchase services from us. All information provided is protected using SSL encryption, to prevent any data interception over the Internet. Information is collected on a transaction-by-transaction basis and will never be released to anyone who is not directly involved in processing the transaction. This information will be encrypted and stored for logging purposes.

Linked Sites: The FTP Worldwide site is linked to external web sites for the purpose of providing technical support and training information for our customers. FTP Worldwide is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these web sites.

What is the Privacy Policy regarding data on FTP Sites?
All customer data stored on our FTP servers are maintained following strict confidentiality guidelines. FTP Worldwide reserves the right to monitor all data brought to our attention for inappropriate or illegal activity.

FTP Worldwide is HIPAA Ready 

FTP Worldwide is HIPAA ready to meet your HIPAA compliancy requirements for transferring sensitive medical files. We serve many medical offices and transcription agencies within the medical industry that must have a HIPAA compliant file transfer solution.

  • All our servers are located in data centers that are secured and maintained by 24/7 support staff.
  • All our FTP servers are protected by the latest state of the art firewalls, intrusion and brute force protection.
  • All of our FTP Servers run on Linux operating systems for maximum stability and intrusion protection.
  • All our FTP shared servers with FTP sites do not accept anonymous FTP.
  • HIPAA compliant File Transfer features.
  • 128-bit transfer encryption for all Secure FTP sites. All files transferred to and from a secure ftp site are encrypted.
  • FTP over HTTPS (SSL) – requires the use of FTP Worldwide Web-based java applet.
  • FTPS Wrapper available for external ftp clients.
  • SFTP over SSH, available through Port 21.