File Sharing Service

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The file sharing services provided by FTP Worldwide are a practical alternative for those who need to send big electronic files, which are too large to send via e-mail. The file sharing services will resolve this problem and let users share files within a protected and safe environment. With more and more companies adding video clips, photographs and graphics to their presentations, the size of the files are increasing and as such, cannot be emailed; however, FTP Worldwide’s file sharing services offer one of the best solutions that will allow for the safe and secure sharing of electronic information. Large files that are emailed will not only create a backlog on a company’s email server, but most company’s firewalls will not allow such large files to be received. In the past, the only alternative to overcome this problem, and to allow information to be received by clients or staff was to burn a CD and courier the CD to the recipient. Not only did this waste time and money, but it also posed a security risk.

FTP Worldwide’s file sharing services have managed to find a solution to this problem and now users around the globe can make use of our file sharing services and form an alliance with a company that has the experience and the resources to make certain that FTP file sharing is a simple and straightforward process. Rather than downloading files and software programs, FTP Worldwide offers clients a free web-based FTP client which removes the need to download or load other software. To make use of dependable file sharing services, users are simply requested to connect to the FTP site and instantly start the downloaded. In a bid to make certain that our file sharing services are suitable for all of our clients, FTP Worldwide has created a number of packages and transfer options. We understand, better than anyone, that one size does not necessarily fit all, and we have customized packages as well as hosting options for our file sharing services. Those making use of the file sharing services will be given a private FTP secure site and the site can be set up using personalized login names and passwords, providing users with the assurance that the file sharing services are secure at all times. Users will also be given the freedom to choose who may access their files, and main users have the authority to delete FTP files and users.

The other benefits enjoyed by our clients using the file sharing services include unlimited uploads and downloads and with the bandwidth of the complete server, users will be able to receive an unlimited amount of files. The virtual file sharing services provided by FTP Worldwide again creates flexibility and affords users better control over their FTP file sharing directories. To gain more information about the tailor made packages of FTP Worldwide and to experience the freedom and ease of transferring unlimited file sizes across the country and around the world, take a moment to view the FTP Worldwide website at Form a partnership with a service provider who is a dedicated FTP hosting site, that has access to the resources providing the best file sharing services.