FTP File Sharing

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If you need to send large files, too bulky for regular email, FTP file sharing is able to resolve this problem and allow users to share files in a secure and safe environment. With more and more organizations sending large presentations, reports, or other documents electronically, many are finding out that FTP file sharing is the best solution to serve their needs and allow for a secure method of sharing electronic information. Not only will large emails create a backlog on many company’s computers servers, but many company’s email firewalls will not permit large emails to be sent, and as such, users are unable to send emails with attachments. Previously, the only method to resolve the problem of getting bulk information to clients or staff in other locations was to burn a CD and courier the CD to the recipient.

FTP file sharing has resolved this problem. With the services of FTP Worldwide, users around the globe can enjoy FTP file sharing and work with a company that has the experience and the resources to allow FTP file sharing to be a simple and dependable process. Instead of downloading files and programs, FTP Worldwide offers their clients free-web based FTP client which eliminates the need to download or load any other software. To enjoy trouble free FTP file sharing, users connect to the FTP site and instantly begin downloading. In order to make certain that FTP file sharing is suitable for all our clients, FTP Worldwide has created various packages and transfer options. We realize that one size does not fit all and we have tailor made packages for FTP file sharing and hosting options. Additional benefits that are enjoyed by our clients include unlimited uploads and downloads and with the bandwidth of the complete server, users will be able to receive an unrestricted number of files. Clients of FTP Worldwide will be given a private FTP secure site and the site can be set up using personalized login names and passwords, offering users the peace of mind that FTP file sharing is secure at all times.

Users will also be given the freedom to decide who is able to access their files, and main users will have the authority to delete FTP files as well as users. The virtual FTP service offered by FTP Worldwide, again, allows for total flexibility and gives users far greater control over their FTP file sharing directories and users. To find out more about the tailor made packages of FTP Worldwide and to enjoy the freedom and ease of transferring unlimited file sizes across the country or across the world, browse the FTP Worldwide website at www.FTPworldwide.com. Join forces with a service provider that is a dedicated FTP hosting site, and offers the best in resources to allow FTP file sharing to be carried out simply.