FTP Service for Business

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FTP Worldwide is the place to look for the solutions you need when your business requires you to transfer large numbers of files. We also have FTP servers that give you the freedom and security you don’t have with shared hosting. FTP has the ability to provide solutions for nearly every customer’s needs. Call FTP Worldwide at 800-781-6862 to speak with a knowledgeable and courteous representative or fill out the form on their site at ftpworldwide.com to get more information about FTP servers and what we can do to improve your business.

FTP Worldwide is a dependable source for your hosting and cloud servers. All of our employees are audited on a monthly basis to ensure they have the ability to provide our customers with the highest quality of responsiveness and client satisfaction. We also perform daily evaluations of client interactions. By being aware of any interaction that isn’t up to our standards, we can quickly address any problem. FTP Worldwide is a trusted FTP hosting company that can provide appropriate servers for any business, small or large. All of the FTP servers are maintained in state-of-the-art facilities in Texas and Florida. With over 200 watts of power for every square foot from 1.8 megawatt feeds and multiple energy grids, you can count on us to have the power needed to back your FTP servers. You can also count on our security twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Security includes a key card and key pad access, two diverse fiber entry points, and closed circuit cameras that monitor every square foot. Connectivity is an important aspect with the FTP servers. It is comprised of Major Tier 1 backbone providers: Level 3, XO, Global Crossing, Aleron and Cogent at DS3-Gig Ethernet protected with redundant firewalls with Cisco routers. Redundancy is from diesel generators, DC power for conditioned power delivered to the IP floor. Redundant Cisco routers utilize BGP4 protocol, providing redundant service through multiple providers. All FTP servers utilize Raid and disk space mirroring or backup scripts for maximum data availability.

In addition, each of the FTP servers is loaded with an early warning intrusion detection system which is automatically updated every time a security flaw is discovered anywhere worldwide. The redundant firewalls provide network security that prevents the majority of the attacks before they start. Security should be an important quality to consider when you subscribe to any program and you will get highly efficient network security with your FTP servers. If you aren’t sure that FTP Worldwide is the source that you should consider for your servers, go to www.ftpworldwide.com and view the services we offer. The testimonials are proof that our company is in the business of hosting and that we are the best source for effective, dependable servers for your business. FTP servers provide you with the top quality service you want from your servers and let you take care of the other aspects of the business. It’s important to have services from a company that knows its business and that goes to every length to provide you with the products you need to make your business more productive. FTP Worldwide is the right company for reliable file transfer and file sharing services.