FTP Site Hosting

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At FTP Worldwide, you will find ftp site hosting plans that will provide solutions for all of your file transfer and data sharing needs. Economy plans start at only $10 a month. We also offer Enterprise hosting plans. If you have files that are too large to send through email. We have FTP solutions to eliminate your problems while providing you a safe and secure environment.

Users worldwide have found the elimination of their e-mailing problems with FTP site hosting so that they no longer have to worry about attachment size limitations, system resource drain, and security or data corruption. You will also find that FTP site hosting will eliminate the inconvenience of having to use CD burning and reling on carrier services. FTP site hosting for worldwide data sharing and distribution will help increase productivity by limiting the drain caused be excessive e-mail attachments and providing multiple recipients. It will also reduce the hidden costs you have to pay for idle time that is taken while e-mails leave, verification of receipts, and validation of data integrity and ensuring accessibility. The benefits you will enjoy with FTP site hosting will also include great customer support. Giving each and every customer the right hosting package to meet their needs is part of their number one goal. FTP Worldwide will have you set up within an hour while providing you with direct live sales and service support personnel. You will be impressed with the support ticket system we provide our customers. This allows fast follow up and feed back for FTP site hosting you can rely on. To make your FTP site hosting ever easier to use, FTP Worldwide provides you with free FTP client software and configures your computers for downloading and uploading your files.

You will receive a free Web-based FTP Client so that you won’t need additional software. Just connect to your FTP site while using your browser and you can immediately start downloading or uploading. To make sure you get the FTP site hosting you need for your specific needs, FTP offers one of the widest available choices of hosting options. Whether you need FTP site hosting to transfer just a few files or a site that can handle large numbers of users with multiple directory permissions, you will find that FTP Worldwide has the FTP site hosting package that will help you. If you are worried about security, you can also add FTP Secure to any package. We also provide customers with custom designed sites. A private, secure FTP site for your site hosting will allow you to set up individual IDs and passwords so that each user is assured of their privacy. You maintain control over who can access which files and which files are added and deleted. With the addition of FTP Secure, all of your site data transfers are encrypted so there is never a concern with security.