Managed File Transfer Solution

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As more companies import graphics, sound clips and video clips into reports and slideshows, they are finding that it is increasingly difficult to transfer or send these files via email. Not only have many companies placed restrictions on the size of the file transfer that can be done with email, large emails jam up email servers. However, should you need to send large files, our file transfer service will effectively resolve the problem of size restrictions and users will enjoy a safe and secure file transfer environment. Before the FTP Worldwide file transfer service, the best method to solve the problem of restricted emails was to create a CD containing the file, and courier the CD to the intended recipient. However, not only was this an additional cost, but it also posed a security problem as the CD could easily go astray and end up lost or in the wrong hands. With the file transfer service by FTP Worldwide our clients enjoy a secure method of transferring electronic data.

FTP Worldwide gives users the opportunity to enjoy a file transfer service, anywhere and anytime. They will be able to gain the support from a company that has both the experience and the resources to allow a file transfer to be an uncomplicated and a straightforward process. As opposed to downloading files and programs for the file transfer, FTP Worldwide gives their clients access to a free web-based FTP client which eliminates the need to download or load additional software. To utilize this easy to use file transfer service, users simply connect to the FTP site and instantly begin the download. To make certain that our service is able to meet the needs of our diverse client base, FTP Worldwide has created numerous types of file transfer packages and transfer options, as well as a variety of hosting options.

The other benefits are clients receive are unlimited uploads and downloads and with the bandwidth of the complete server, users can receive and send unlimited file transfers. FTP Worldwide’s clients gain access to a private FTP secure site. These sites can be set up by using login names and passwords, giving users the reassurance that the file transfer and file sharing will be on a secure platform. Furthermore, clients are able to decide who can access their files, and main users have the authority to delete FTP files and FTP users. The virtual file transfer service provided by FTP Worldwide caters to complete flexibility and affords users better control over their file transfer directories. To learn more about the customized packages offered by FTP Worldwide and transfer files of any size, across the country or across the world, take a moment to browse the FTP Worldwide website at Join a service provider who is a dedicated FTP hosting site, and has the necessary resources to allow for uncomplicated file transfers.